As the title implies, often, the small “stuff” is overlooked.

You’ve been there: the edge of the cliff side with the great distances to the forefront, your trusty camera affixed to a lesser-than-trusty tripod, the wind pressing you to move on, but you are there for that image… that single, wide angle, massive depth, capture-all image of every earth cavity and fissure, every tree cluster in the distance, and every jetting of light beaming from the horizon! Still, you’ve missed something!

Often times, the small “stuff” is along the trail enroute to the destination. They’re in the grasses and in the reeds; they’re in the plumes of dust and in the fallen bits of birds nest; and, they’re in the scales of greys and greens and reds and azures, all, perhaps, overlooked as your photo-eye focuses on the set-up at the target spot(s).

Takeaway? Make the trek the destination; make the destination only a contribution to the collection; and, make the small “stuff,” the often overlooked “stuff” matter.

“Capture that which you wish to never forget.” –Slim











Comrade Slim
I am a male adult living in a rather transitive state on a small island in the Pacific. I am a self-proclaimed yet sadly unsuccessful musician, artist, photographer, writer, & political activist.