We Provide Photography Lessons and Classes on Oahu!

Before you invest in your gear, invest in yourself. Join our 15 year Hawaii based photographer and company owner Chris on a fun, educational, action packed photo adventure designed around the best times, dates and locations.

Whether you are by yourself or with a group we have the perfect itinerary to fulfill your photography needs at the best spots on Oahu.

Oahu Photo Classes and Lessons 6Chris will focus on you while you focus on your shot. You will receive tutorials on focus points, composition, camera settings, metering, bracketing, fast and slow shutter speeds and lots more. Don’t know what any of that means? That’s okay, we will help!

You will learn the NECESSARY settings to capture great images with every situation.


If you need the basics, no problem. We have super easy and understandable instructions you will surely remember. Whether shooting outdoors with a bright sky or indoors with low light Chris will help you achieve the desired effects that would look great on a wall, your website, a portfolio, or shared on social media.

A few popular examples you may learn include:

  • Landscapes, seascapes and waterfalls
  • Action photography like surfing and crashing waves
  • Sunrise and sunsets with eye catching foregrounds
  • Post processing in Lightroom and Photoshop

Whether you are professional or a super beginner there is always something our workshops will teach you. Check out the below package deals and contact us if interested.

Thanks and hope to see you soon!

Individual Photography Classes on Oahu


Schedule M-F from 3-7pm $575 each

Enjoy dedicated professional photography training on the beach of Waikiki during sunset. We will capture Diamond Head and beautiful landscapes during the golden hour.

Once you are satisfied with your abilities we will strategically place ourselves in the best spots for a sunset. You will walk away with beautiful images and the knowledge and confidence of understanding your camera.



Daily Sunrise to 3pm $795 each

Receive a 5-star private (or group) photo tour at the best spots on Oahu. Learn everything about your cameras capabilities on our extremely rewarding photography adventure! We will visit locations that a normal tour cannot go. Lighthouses, crashing waves, surfers, and secret spots with turtles and breathtaking views are all options for our workshop.

The price of this event includes morning coffee, pastries, lunch, waters, snacks, and tripods.


Oahu Photo Safaris


Available anytime $175 each per hour

Minimum 3 hours required. This is the package to choose if you are interested in going somewhere specific or just want a city escape to photograph other areas of Oahu.

We will go directly to your area of interest or simply let our 15 year Hawaii based photographer and company owner Chris decide where to go. This is our most popular package for photographers who are looking to get picked-up/dropped-off without the concern for directions.

Recent requests were for turtles, surfers, waterfalls, high ground observation points, and sea side cliffs.


Aloha from Hawaii Oahu Sunset


Available any time and any place

We can tailor our photo tours to fit your needs. The gift of photography lessons at amazing locations is a memory that your well deserved employees can print and hang on the wall.

Please contact us for details regarding dates, times, funding, and ideas.


Photo Classes and Lessons on Maui


Available anytime departing Oahu

We setup and facilitate 1, 3 and 10 day photography workshops on each (or all) islands of Hawaii. Our most popular tour is the one-day Oahu to Maui and back. This gives us enough time to complete the entire Road to Hana then catch our flight back for dinner.

Recent requests include Big Island waterfalls, Haleakala camping excursions, a 12 day all islands tour, and my favorite; follow the cruise boat and provide service at each stop. Many more opportunities available.

All inclusive packages available. Lets go explore!



  • Chris is unbelievably personable, easily approachable, and is a very good listener. I learned about texture, identifying three distinct points in a landscape photo, and how to use the lens’s f-stop in conjunction with the camera’s ISO feature to achieve various creative images.  I am absolutely convinced that Chris can enhance any novice photographer’s skill-set if his clients were committed to follow his suggestions.  And, it’s not that complicated…sometimes it was as simple as shooting a particular scene with a different lens.  Chris was a terrific mentor!

    Larry from New Jersey
  • Chris took the time to individually tailor the sunrise workshop to my interests, I learnt about the technical aspects of photography simplified to my level of understanding. Through careful instruction I was able to utilise the features of my Canon 40D in manual mode enabling me to capture the dynamic movement of the ocean during sunrise at Makapu’u Beach Park. Chris patiently walked me through personalised well-organised information, expertly answering my questions on composition, camera settings and what to look for in a great photograph. Chris’ enthusiasm and passion for everything photography is contagious. I walked away with professional grade photographs while having a unique experience! Next time I’m back in Hawaii I will be taking multi-day Island tour.

    Jacob Lewis PhD
    Aussie Scientist
  • I highly recommend taking one of these tours. You will not be disappointed I promise you that. You will see the beautiful places of Oahu and be surrounded by fun people who love to take photos just as you do. The drive that Chris has to share his own experiences with photography was proven by his teaching style. I will for sure attend more tours with Hawaii Photography Tours in the future:)
    Kirsten Ramirez
    Save the Dolphins
  • I learned about camera care, changing lenses and how to use my camera on manual mode. He also discussed and showed me examples of line, composition, and creative expression. Chris patiently covered well-organized material and had two cheat sheets for me to take away, one laminated and one foldable. I found answers to all of my questions about tripods and lenses. I was able to practice on both moving and still subjects and leave with a good grasp of how to adjust my camera settings. I can’t wait to see how my event pictures turn out and attend a sunrise photography workshop.
    Joyce Riley
    Registered Nurse, Oahu
  • Another great time! This was my 3rd time out with Hawaii Photography Tours…I have taken other tours, but Hawaii Photography is the best. Chris not only takes you to some of the best spots on the island, but provides you the information you need to take awesome pictures.
    Ralph Resch
    US Military
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