Ko Olina Lagoons are one of the best sunset spots on Oahu!

The leeward side of Oahu doesn’t experience the frequent rains that our windward side of the island sees. As a result, almost continuous sun makes the leeward side an excellent destination for photographers. Ko Olina is known for its beautiful four famous man-made lagoons. These lagoons are especially delightful locations in which photographers can find numerous opportunities to capture the magnificent scenery of this less well-known part of the island.

The man-made lagoons at Ko Olina are some of the most appreciated and photographed features of the leeward side of Oahu. These lagoons boast wide sandy beaches, picturesque palm trees and a number of blue shades that stretch out to the breakers just past the lagoons. The clear water also allows visitors to enjoy the groups of fish that make their home within the lagoons.

Visitors who appreciate calm waters will be drawn to Ko Olina Lagoons. Since the lagoons are situated outside the strong currents of the Pacific, their gentle, lapping waters attract people who want to get their feet wet without having to fight the strong and sometimes dangerous currents and tides just off the beach.

Although the area isn’t as well known as other parts of the island, the Ko Olina Lagoons on Oahu provide a quintessential Hawaiian experience without the crowds. Photographers who want to capture Oahu with a camera should make plans to visit this beautiful side of the island.

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